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Tools and Actions

The Tool item describes a tool for user interactions with a mouse click. An Action item may be associated with a region or object to define the action caused by a mouse click depending on the current tool and the selected object.


Item typeTool
DescriptionA tool for mouse interactions.
Actionmakes the tool the selected tool (scene / inventory only); the tool must not be one of the in the toolbar as defined in Game
Conditiontrue, if the tool is the selected tool (scene / inventory only)

descriptionstringA short description of the tool.
cursorfileThe file name of the cursor of the tool.
actionActions<>The default action.
movebyte0The behaviour of the player character for the tool. see definitions for values
objectbyte0The usage of the object cursor for the tool. see definitions for values

Instead of a file name, cursor may be one of the following predefined images: go, look, examine, take, drop, move, open, use, usewith, combine, select, fight, talk, wait, wear (cf. tool example). Alternatively, cursors may be contained in a resource library.


Item typeAction
DescriptionAssociates an action with a tool and a selected object.

toolToolsThe tool, that has to be the selected tool.
actionActionsThe action, that will be executed.
objectObjects<>The object, that has to be the selected object. (optional)

Action Selection

When the player clicks on a region or object, the action to execute is the first existing in the following order:

  1. the action defined for the region / object for the current tool and selected object
  2. the action defined for the region / object for the current tool independent from the selected object
  3. the default action of the tool

If step 1 or 2 has an Action item without an action (i.e. <> as action), no further action is searched. By this, a default action may be overwritten by no action.