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The distribution of ADePT is split into two editions. One is intended for game players, the other contains additional files needed by developers. (The developer edition does not work without the player edition.)

File nameDescriptionEdition
AdvPlay.exeThe adventure engine.P
RSimage.dll, RSmidi.dll, RSutil.dllUtility libraries.P
*.adtLanguage definitions for the game interface (* = language).P
AdvLook.exeThe look editor.P
RSinstall.exeSetup program for manual installation/deinstallation.P
*.rsiInstallation specification (* = language).P
AdvMake.exeThe compiler.D
game???.adgThe grammar of the adventure language (??? = version).D
look???.adgThe grammar of the adventure looks (??? = version).D
define.adiInclude file with convenient definitions.D
AdvEdit.exeThe adventure editor (preliminary version).D
AdvPack.exeThe resource packer.D
scale.exeThe character scale calculator.D
accel.exeThe acceleration calculator.D

Note: P means player-edition, D developer-edition

Acknowledgement: RSimage.dll uses the JPEG decompression routines of IJG (Independent JPEG Group) and the (de)compression routines of ZLIB.


To install ADePT, download one of the distributions and unzip into an empty directory. (The developer edition must be in the same directory as the player edition.) The application installs itself the first time AdvPlay.exe is started. You may choose to create shortcuts and/or file type associations.

To uninstall ADePT, select ADePT in the Windows Software system panel. Then, delete the files you unzipped on installation.

To fix or change installation manually, run RSinstall.exe.